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Home page


Thank you for visiting and welcome to our kitchen! 🙂

“Lerrie’s Kitchen” is all about me spending time in our kitchen, cooking and enjoying the food my family and I love and (sometimes don’t ;)) approve.

Don’t get me wrong, they all look and taste good, it’s just that, we all have a different take on food. It is challenging, but somehow, I get to find our common ground and compromise. It helps us to explore and to be out of our comfort zone.

As a working mom, it is my goal to prepare healthy, quick and easy meals for my little and growing family.

I love spending time in our kitchen… for an obvious reason, I love to eat! 🙂 I also love to see the smile on my family’s faces as I serve them good food… it’s priceless! My heart feels humbled and filled with joy as I hear people try and enjoy the recipe that I share.

That is my goal for starting this blog. To share healthy, quick and easy yummy recipes that you can easily follow and try, especially to those busy people like us.

I grew up in the Philippines, so expect more Filipino food, but I like to explore and experiment, so look forward to some American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese food and the like.

So, really, this blog is for my family, my friends, to everyone who supports and believes in me. To all working moms, dads, people who are busy with their careers, to people who just started and learning how to cook and to everyone else who loves good food that is quick and easy to prepare.

I hope as I go along with this journey, I get to excite more people to try and start cooking, starting from my easy recipes. It gives me so much joy hearing people trying and enjoying the recipe I share.

I am also open and will gladly accept any recipes you would like me to try and share. I am still learning as I go and I appreciate any comments, suggestions and great wisdom from you.

I hope to see you more often here and don’t forget to join our family and subscribe!

With love and so many thanks,
Lerrie G.