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Welcome to my blog! ^_^.

“Lerrie’s Kitchen” is all about me spending time in our kitchen, cooking and enjoying food me & my family loves and they (may or may not) approves. Also, to share the recipes to all of you to enjoy.

As a working mom, it is my goal to prepare healthy, quick and easy meal for my little and growing family.. to my “picky” hubby and my very active “and beginning to be a little picky like his dad ( shhh.. 😉 )“ son and to our soon-to-be little one. Yes! We are expecting our 2nd child! Yayy!! 🙂

I love spending time in our kitchen.. for obvious reason, i love to eat! ^_^. I also love to see the smile on my family’s face as i serve them good food.. priceless! My heart also feels humbled and filled with joy as i hear people try and enjoy the recipe that I shared.

So, really, this blog is for my family, my friends, to everyone who supports and believes in me. To all working moms, dads, people living alone that are busy with their career, to people who just started and learning how to cook and to everyone else who loves good food that are quick and easy to prepare.

Every week, I plan to prepare and share a special cuisine with a recipe. Since I am from the Philippines, expect more Filipino food, but I like to explore and experiment, so look forward to some Chinese, Italian, Japanese food and the likes as well!!!

These collections of recipes won’t be possible without the people who serves as my inspirations, who encourage and continue to support me.

First to my mom, who first taught me how to cook, her recipes who she happily passed down to me and let me share to everyone else in the world.

To my in-laws, who is my inspiration of cooking. They made a lot of delicious food. It is crazy how they make it look like very simple but yet look extravagant and taste so so good.

To my family, my husband and kids… my first fan! Who obviously doesn’t have a choice but to try and eat the food i cook. Which i gladly do whichever the outcome is. It feel so rewarding seeing them liking and enjoying what i cook.

So… let me start. My debut recipe… my all-time filipino favorite… Garlic Fried Rice!


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